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Why do we always see black tap shoes?

I have a thought when I was ready to bed yesterday. Why do we always see black tap shoes?

There are about thirty pair of tap shoes in smk tap dance studio, from basic model to professional line, however they always looked the same colour - black!

Thinking of my son wearing tidy uniform back to school, getting up at 5.45am every morning. Putting on his white shirt with grey trousers. A pair of white socks and black leather shoes. This is representing the period of school. Oh gosh, this is a student's life.(we have been through it).

Black leather shoes means discipline and behaviour, this means a lot to us when we are a kid. We have to learn so many stuff like that at school.

Then of course, we still got many choices out there besides the "Daft Vader" colour. We got plenty of cool, stylish and colourful choices to order. However, if we type "tap shoes" in Amazon, I am sure you will have hundred of results (black tap shoes) right away.

If you would like to keep tap dancing when you grow up, you can pay for your wish. Choose that suede and shinny patent material for your shoes (except black). One thing which make me quite upset is when you are becoming a professional tap dancer, you may need or always wearing a pair of black tap shoes, is it? X D

It seems black colour is a "must" have item. You will at least have few pairs of shoes for show stuff like that.

Looking at a professional orchestra which play for you in cultural centre, all the musicians wearing black suits with their shinny black leathers shoes. Playing wonderful music for you to enjoy in the evening. They are serious, professional and respectable.

It's a signature of professionalism, don't you think so? Tell me your thoughts down below!


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