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Sing! Sing! Sing!

Broadway Style Tap Dance

Jingle Bells

Choreography and Tutor

Primary School Tap Dance Performance

Choreography and Rehearsal

EDB Applied Learning Course Trailer

Choreography and Tutor

Kid Tap Dance Performance

Laura (Buster Brown)

Dance arrangement and Tutor

Choreography and Tutor

Unsquare Dance

"Shamisen"with Tap Dance

Choreography and Tutor

Tap Dance Experience with Applied Leaning (EDB)

Dekko Mini B Dance Performance (Guest)

Choreography and Tutor

Choreography and Tutor

East meets West Breakthrough

​Officially Missing You

Dancer and Tutor

Leon Collins #53

Dancer and Tutor

Dance Competition Solo 1st runner-up

Awarding Ceremony Episode 1

Dance Competition Duet 2nd runner-up

Kid's Tap Dance Class

Choreography by Luke Ho

Kids' Tap Dance Performance

Awarding Ceremony Episode 2

Kid Tap Dance Outdoor Shooting

A Commercial Trailer

Tap Dance Choreography and Rehearsal Venue

Students improvised to a song

Improvise to one song

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