A Meaningful Journey


Throughout my childhood in England I did many types of dance, but tap was always my favourite. I stopped dancing around 12 years ago when I was in my mid teens.


This year has been quite difficult and stressful for me and I decided that I needed something positive to focus on, so a few months ago I contacted Anthony to enquire about joining his tap class. The first time I went to the studio in September I was so nervous... I had not worn tap shoes in over 12 years and I had no idea if I would still be able to tap or not! 


Luckily I remembered many steps from my history of dancing and in just a few months I have already learnt lots of new things with Anthony. Often I start off the lessons feeling frustrated that I cannot do the new steps, but at the end I always leave the lesson feeling like I have made progress and have learned something new. During the lesson it's always fun and I am focused so much on dancing that it makes me forget about anything going on in life outside the studio. 


Starting tap lessons again has been one of the best things about 2019 for me, it has lifted my spirits and is a great challenge and I am very glad to have found a brilliant teacher and lovely group of people to share the lessons with. Anthony and everyone in the class are so friendly and even though I am the only non Cantonese speaking member of the group it doesn't matter as everyone makes the effort to talk with me and help to explain the steps in English, as well as reminding me to breathe when I forget because I am concentrating too hard :) 

Lucy Higgs