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A Meaningful Journey

Testimonial 評價: Testimonials

I remember when I was little, mum showed me a video about a kind of dance, it's called Tap Dance. Mum asked me if I was interested in it. I thought tap dancing is very cool, so I told Mum that I want to learn tap dancing. I went to HKAPA to learn it. I found that tap dancing is indeed cool, although it's a bit hard, I still like it. I found it's hard because there are so many steps to learn. When there was no more tap lessons at HKAPA, I found another tap dance teacher. His name is Anthony. Anthony is a very good teacher. He made things easier than before. He taught me new steps and now I am a very good tap dancer! Anthony is the best teacher I have ever seen. I hope I can be a tap dance teacher one day!! 

Luke Ho

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