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The 10th Anniversary- Say Happy Birthday to "SMK TAP DANCE STUDIO"!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

On the May 2023 is this10 years old boy's birthday. SMK Tap Dance Studio is stepping into his age of 10! I feel proud of it and it is even more than that! I Would like to say thank you for all your support and love! Especially my family who always give courage and backups!

What do I mean "even more than that"? Honestly speaking, I can have chances to teach people from all over the world who came to Hong Kong for whatever reasons. I could share what I have learned from the ideas of those historical masters or materials from my mentors who had taught me. I have been teaching kids, adults as well as elderly(Age 6-70) who are interested in tap dancing. I also conducted workshops, schools projects and events. It's my honour to say it was a meaningful life time!

Life is not life without hurdles. Sometimes I feel sad and blue about the path that I am walking. Sometimes I feel insecure of what 's next and am I be able to support my family financially?! However, I guess this is just an another simple and boring story of a dream chaser! We have to move around with it! Focus on what we have now and work it out.

Spending my time at studio, looking at the mirror and listening to my favourite tunes. Dancing to those tunes, keep learning the licks and phrases. Polishing my choreography skill as well as improvisation skill. That's what it is about! Recently I am reading some books written by a musician (EPM by Benny Greb) and a tap dancer (Solos that speak by Simeon Weedall). Stories about how they can make improvements or achieve a high level in their fields. It's all about establishing your habit and a system of practicing.

Last but not least, would like to share with you all our special 10th anniversary program" I TAP YOU TALK", hope you like it!

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