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Upgrading the floor at SMK Tap Dance Studio

The floor of the classroom was replaced on June 23, 2018. The floor is made of carved red oak imported from the United States. It’s incredible~ Previously, it was made from mainland China, and the difference can be seen by the naked eye~! No need to talk about sound anymore! The past few days are really exhausted. I take care of everything in the classroom, clean it, and C-Fu come install it, and then restore everything!

The classroom has become a lot brighter, and it is extraordinarily energetic! The sound part will be explored slowly, and then I will share with you carefully~ :)

C-Fu also helped us make a brand new, larger and harder kick board, which is really amazing! I heard that these boards are 7ply (layer) wood, used to make boats! Of course, the harder the voice response, the better! (Below the picture)

We used these wooden boards to perform the performance, so comfortable! (Of course moving the board is another matter 😂)

This handover performance can also be a success. Although everyone has made many mistakes~ but it is an invaluable experience!



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