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「Art Day」Tap Dance Workshop 2024

Updated: May 2

it's been a busy period in March. We had two workshops in two days. 2024 school tap dance workshop. We had prepared some lecture at the beginning of the workshop (history of tap dancing), then we performed our pieces, then we let the students tried our tap shoes and had them dancing with us! We both had a wonderful time.

Although it was quite exhausted after these 2 days of workshops, however it was such a meaningful and wonderful journey for us! I am sure we will keep growing stronger as well as showing more and more enthusiasm to share the joy of tap dancing to others! This is our mission.

We carried our boards and tap shoes for the shows. It's an awesome experience, students were all very energetic. They were very engaging and behaved very well, too.

Thank you very much for inviting us. Thank you teachers and school! Hope to see you all in many different places in the coming future! 👏❤️

Performance links:

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