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Goodbye No More~ 👋

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

In this way, I left the place where I taught for more than 15 years-the City Contemporary Dance Company Dance Center at Sha Tin Pass Road, Wong Tai Sin. I started teaching Tap (rhythm, theatre), Jazz (Theatre, Lyrical, Musical, Classical), and body works as well as countless substitute classes. I teach yoga (Yin Yang, Gentle, Hatha, Restorative). My growth in teaching, I am grateful to all the people and things I encountered~

This place has witnessed the whole transformation, and has become the driving force behind the SMK tap dance classroom and me today~

t has been six years since I started teaching yoga classes. I have taught more than hundred of classes, and my growth on the yoga mat is very different compare to dance classes.

Finally, I wish you all a bright future and goodbye! Take Care 👋

I specially recorded the restorative yoga class in the studio. I was really happy with my students! 🤣Thank you for your participation! Love you guys~

Keep Practicing! 🧘‍♂️

*I will continue to update the content from time to time!! Stay Tuned.

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