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2021 Interview- The Spirit of a Wahyanite

[Interview:Graduated Wahyanite-Anthony]

Anthony is a full-time tap dance instructor, choreographer, musical performer and yoga teacher. After graduating from Wah Yan College, Hong Kong in 1997, he was engaged to the Musical Theatre Dance Department of the Academy of Performing Arts. During this period, he was awarded a scholarship to study musical theatre in New York, USA.

【Spirit of Wahyanite】

When introducing another Wahyanite graduate actor-Andy Ko, mentioned that four of Admin's classmates were promoted to the Academy of Performing Arts (APA) in the same year, and Admin was fortunate to have been in the same class with three of them. Graduate from Wah Yan is very affectionate, and Anthony is no exception. I still remember that Admin went to APA several times to watch Anthony and other Wah Yanites’s performances (the performances were his homework), and Anthony and another Wah Yan nites had a courtesy exchange and performed one of the musicals "Merrily Roll Along" Record the video and give it to Admin as a souvenir.

【Rely on yourself】

He felt that he was lucky because his family did not stop him from chasing his dream. "Actually, I am very grateful because my family has no objections and I have no financial pressure from my family. I can pursue my dreams without any worries."

To apply for the APA, I have to take the auction twice. At that time, there was no-one to teach me the way, I had to give all my efforts and went to the school auditorium to practice dance alone after class my normal classes. I couldn't talk about the bitterness behind it.

【Step out of your comfort zone】